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Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez: International Superstars, Renowned Choreographers, and Masters of Dance with a combined professional career spanning nineteen remarkable years.

Their journey is a testament to their unwavering passion for the art of Tango, complemented by over thirty years of dance background and education.


A Tango Fusion Like No Other

In the realm of Tango, Analia and Luis are a force to be reckoned with. They have seamlessly blended their diverse dance styles, forging an identity that is truly unique. Their performances are an exquisite amalgamation of high technique, boundless dynamism, soul-stirring musicality, and an authentic connection to the profound roots of Argentine Tango.


Judges of Excellence

As Official Judges of the World Tango Championship, they've had the privilege of discerning the very essence of Tango artistry, acknowledging the finest expressions of this captivating dance form.


Captains of the Tango Scene

In Buenos Aires, the heart of Tango, Analia and Luis took center stage as Captain Dancers and Choreographers at the iconic SEÑOR TANGO and ESQUINA CARLOS GARDEL. They played pivotal roles in shaping the Tango landscape and inspiring generations of dancers.


A Tango Revelation

The year 2021 witnessed the birth of "SOULS OF TANGO," their cutting-edge Tango Production that took the vibrant streets of New York by storm. It's a show that delves deep into the essence of Tango, an experience like no other.


They've directed and choreographed this phenomenal production, "TANGO STORY," which serves as the official world tango champions show. It premiered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, setting the stage for the world tango championship in 2017, 2018, and 2021.


As Directors, Choreographers, and Producers of CONJUROTANGO, Analia and Luis embarked on an awe-inspiring journey across seven cities in China, gracing major opera theaters with a cast of twenty-six artists on stage.


A Star-Studded Resume

Their talents have shone in productions such as "CUMPARSITA" by FOREVER TANGO, "TANGUERA" the musical, and "TANGO EMOTION," solidifying their status as choreographers of the highest caliber.


Choreographic Brilliance

Analia and Luis have crafted a series of unforgettable Tango shows:

  • VIVA EL TANGO: Unveiled in the vibrant streets of Queens, New York.

  • TANGO MIRACLE: Enchanted audiences in Tokyo, Japan.

  • FOUR SEASONS OF TANGO: A captivating journey in Japan.

  • A CENTURY OF EMBRACE, REJECTION, AND TANGO: Explored the depths of Tango in Japan.

  • RAICES DE TANGO: Celebrated the roots of Tango in Buenos Aires.

Pioneers of Learning

They are the brilliant minds behind "THE TANGO WAY," a groundbreaking learning method that imparts the soul of Tango to enthusiasts worldwide.


Thematic Solo Shows

Analia and Luis have enthralled audiences with thematic solo shows spanning the globe, from Tokyo and Kumamoto in Japan to Beijing and Shanghai in China, Bali in Indonesia, Seoul in South Korea, and the vibrant streets of Buenos Aires.


Masters of Organization

They have organized prestigious events like "The Tango Way Gala Show," "Tango Road Milonga" in New Jersey and New York, "New Jersey mini Tango Festival," and the "Gold Coast Tango Festival" in the USA.


Global Tango Ambassadors

As founders of Argentine Tango communities in China (Shanghai) and Japan (Fukuoka), they've nurtured the love for Tango in distant lands. Their mastery has earned them coveted invitations to the world's most prestigious tango festivals across Asia, Europe, America, and Australia.


Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez: Tango's Living Legends

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of their Tango world. Join them on a journey through the rhythms of passion, the artistry of movement, and the timeless allure of Argentine Tango.

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