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In 2005 the idea of ​​forming an avant-garde Tango company was born in Buenos Aires, in principle it was just an idea, in 2006 Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez made the first show of ConjuroTango in Buenos Aires a typical tango show that was effective for a year in the city of tango. After years of developing new ideas, it was time to merge the arts of flamenco and tango, the world premiere of the new ConjuroTango show "A New Story About Tango ..." was in 2011, the show traveled all over China and Japan

Its directors Analia Carreño and Luis Ramirez receive new proposals outside the company to create new shows, in Japan, China, South Korea, Brazil, and the United States, they Choreograped Tango story (the Tango world champions show), for the official world tango championship, Tango Miracle in Tokyo,  Tango Gotham in NYC, Four seasons of Tango in Fukuoka - Japan, Tango around the world - South Korea, A century of embrace rejection and tango - Japan

In 2021they created Souls Of Tango is born a trip to the deepest of Argentine tango from its past to its uncertain future.

 They are working in a big productionits new show Back To Tango that will be released worldwide in 2023.

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